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Question #81124
How does the exposed tissue of cortex become protected when primary epidermis fall of in stem?
Expert's answer
Since the primary epidermis fall of in stem, the infection and allergens get into the tissue of the cortex. After their penetration, the macrophages approach the wound and with the help of phagocytosis begin to fight with a foreign agent. At the same time, they send signals to vascular cells and blood neutrophils. The first begin to pass more fluid creating swelling, and neutrophils produce hydrogen peroxide and anion hypochlorite, which have a bactericidal effect. Further, if the wound is small and the infection is mild then it will not develop. Otherwise, the festering will begin.
In the case of aggravation of the situation, that is, suppuration, dendritic cells come to the focus of inflammation, which capture foreign agents and divide them into antigenic structures.
Next, the dendritic cell determines the type of foreign agent
1. if it is a bacterium then the dendritic cell activates t-helpers that begin to divide and select the desired b-lymphocytes. As soon as they find b lymphocytes which produces the desired antibody then activate it. It begins to actively divide and turns into a plasma cell. Plasmocytes produce antibodies that bind to bacteria inhibiting their metabolism, helping them to bind to phagocytes or killing them.
2. if it's a virus, it's inside the cells. consequently, the t-helper cells activate cell-mediated immunity t-killers and NK. T-killers and NK begin to hunt for the infected cells. Also, infected cells produce interferons that suppress the reproduction of viruses in cells and warn neighboring cells about the presence of this virus.

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