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Question #38422
If we sown grains of wheat in the flat bottom bowl under normal conditions (enough water, sunshine..) and we placed that bowl on a constant-rotating surface... so, a surface that constantly rotates in one direction, how would the grown plant look like when it finally grew and we stopped the machine that rotates the surface underneath? Would the stems be directed towards the outside of the bowl... like this:


or towards the center of the circle like this:


I need to know how do centripetal and centrifugal forces act in this example, that's what I need help with.

What's bothering me is the fact that when something is spinning... for example a person, me, on a roundabout, I tend to "fall" to the outer side of the ring, and not towards the center of the roundabout... if I was clear enough. I wonder if that's the same thing this wheat problem. Help is greatly appreciated! Best regards.
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Assignment Expert
17.01.14, 19:23

Dear Jon, You're welcome. We are glad to be helpful. If you really liked our service please press like-button beside answer field. Thank you!

17.01.14, 19:07

Thank you very much for this answer, I've been searching for the answer in the wrong field (physics) and wondered why I got different results when doing the experiment. Thank you!

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