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Question #197543

Why five kingdom classification system given by Whittaker is better than the three kingdom classification?Give the main characteristics of each kingdom of Whittaker's system of classification with examples.

Expert's answer

In five kingdom classification, the organisms are classified based on nutrition, cell structure, phylogenetic relationships, and reproduction. Next, unicellular and multicellular organisms are kept separately while autotrophs and heterotrophs are also separated. Finally, prokaryotes are placed in a separate group.

1. Kingdom Monera - unicellular prokaryotic organisms (bacteria)

2. Kingdom Protista - unicellular eukaryotic organisms (i.e., diatoms)

3. Kingdom Fungi - filamentous or single-celled heterotrophic eukaryotes (i.e., yeasts)

4. Kingdom Plantae - unicellular and multicellular autotrophic eukaryotes (i.e., trees)

5. Kingdom Animalia - multicellular eukaryotes without cell wall (i.e., humans)

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