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Question #112798
Write one characteristic that identifies all invertebrates: 1- Sponges:. 2- cnidarians: 3- platyhelminthes: 4- nematoda: 5- annelida: 6- Mollusks: 7- Arthropathy: 8- echinoderms
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1- Sponges: bodies of sponges are composed of openings and chambers lined with specific cells containing whip-like flagella. These cells are called choanocytes.

2- Cnidarians: cnidarians have specific cells (cnidocytes) that fire harpoon-like stings that protect the animals or are used to capture prey.

3- Platyhelminthes: flatworms are composed of three layers of cells (endoderm, ectoderm, and mesoderm) but lack an internal body cavity.

4- Nematoda: the body of roundworms is elongated but is not segmented/

5- Annelida: the body of Annelida is elongated and segmented while each segment has the same set of organs.

6- Mollusks: all mollusks have a specific body structure called a mantle. This mantle contains a cavity providing breathing and excretion.

7- Arthropods: all arthropods have segmented bodies and joined limbs.

8- Echinoderms: adult forms of Echinodermata have radial symmetry while larval forms are bilateral.

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