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It’s a great pleasure for us to share this special time of our 10th anniversary with both our loyal customers and those who haven’t heard about us yet but are reading this article. This is because over this decade we’ve earned a great experience and have many things to boast. Over 10 years of work, we’ve delivered 75027 assignments, 72203 of which were successful, and in 47726, the customers requested the detailed explanations, using the special service of our company. Only 2824 (3.9% of the whole number) tasks had problems through our fault, which is why the clients received a justified compensation or a discount. We try to constantly improve the service to reduce problematic tasks and today they make less than 2%.

Back in 2009, Assignment Expert was established as a homework help service by a group of enthusiasts who specialized in math, physics and computer science. They performed all tasks by themselves but had a simple dream for the service to grow and become one of the top online homework helpers and tutors for students throughout the world due to its highly qualified staff and quality guarantee. It first took time to step by step develop a system oriented towards finding, testing and controlling specialists in technical categories, whom we could trust. For this to become a reality, a team of in-office experts began to operate together with 24/7 customer support. They make sure every single task is accomplished properly and delivered in time. By far, our specializing in computer science and other technical subjects has given us a chance to gather a mighty team of more than 1,000 academic Avengers, who fight for the best grade for every assignment. Later on, Assignment Expert expanded to humanities and found hundreds of writers eager to go up the path with us to do students’ homework in English, history, psychology, management, sociology and many others.

Not only doing your homework 

Apart from doing your homework in any possible subject, Assignment Expert also provides tutoring services in various ways. Our desire to help students understand the subject, theoretically and in practice, not only get a readymade assignment, led to the necessity to add the explanations option to every task description.

Now, while ordering the assignment, a student may choose if he or she wants to receive basic or detailed explanations along with the completed homework. This means the expert will not only perform the task but also give comments on what has been done, interpret the results and answer any questions concerning it. As per the customer’s request to provide detailed explanations, the expert may prepare a report or a presentation on the topic, highlighting the main points which can be vague and unclear. This can certainly replace college lectures by addressing every issue in detail.

Our educational channel on YouTube was created based on the same idea. Videos that we produce relate to the most difficult stuff that students tend to face in the college. The complicated theoretical material is given in an interactive way, therefore, are easy to comprehend. Some of the videos have more than 100K views, which is why you definitely need to check it out.

Our expert team

Our expert team

Who are all those experts, and why on earth should I trust them? Alright, let’s see. Here at Assignment Expert, we’ve developed a system of task processing that makes our assignment writing service unique among others. Every order is passed through the hands of the whole team, which consists of

  • Experts. Every writer who comes to our service to become one is (surprise!) not yet an expert. To become one, the applicant must hold an academic degree and pass a qualification test along with the English language test. These tests are checked by both the automatic system and our in-office experts to avoid mishaps. Only after this, the expert starts working in the chosen specialization.
  • 24/7 customer support. Its members help you during the whole working process. They may show you how to submit the task to the service, forward all your request and questions to the expert, send the draft of your assignment, answer any questions regarding the service, etc.
  • Quality control department. It is a group of in-office experts, who thoroughly check every work for calculation or language issues, the correctness of the code, clarity of expression and structure. The last step of the examination is the originality check. After all the mentioned stages, your plagiarism free high-quality work is ready to be delivered to you on time. Thanks to all these procedures, we tend to provide 98% successfully completed tasks.

What clients say 

Our achievements in a wide range of disciplines over the years speak for themselves to dispel your doubts concerning whether to cooperate with us. You may find all reviews on our website and on such reliable platforms as Trustpilot and Sitejabber. We also reserve the right to say that Assignment Expert always invites the clients to write feedback and we are glad to receive any genuine reviews be they positive or negative. This firsthand information helps us to further polish our services and become better for you.

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