Who Can Help Me with My Assignment

Help me with my assignment!

There are three certainties in this world: Death, Taxes and Homework Assignments. No matter where you study, and no matter which level you are studying at, there will be, at some point in your academic career, homework assignments that need to be done. Easier said than done, am I right? (more…)

How to Finish Assignments When You Can’t

How to finish assignment

Crunch time is coming, deadlines need to be met, essays need to be submitted, and tests should be studied for. As a student who’s waiting for the end of crunch time, you’re looking for all the right ways to cut corners while being ultra efficient with your time and energy. But sometimes racing the clock you’ll come to a realization that this mountain of a task is insurmountable and it seems almost impossible to accomplish. But at this low point is exactly where you shouldn’t settle with an incomplete assignment or missing work. There are workarounds and “life hacks” that can help pull you out of this sticky situation. (more…)

How to Effectively Study for a Math Test

Math Exams Study

Numbers and figures are an essential part of our world, necessary for almost everything we do every day. As important as this subject is, it’s definitely not the easiest to study. Sometimes students are lucky and have a knack for numbers and math, whereas others struggle with calculations and formulas. You don’t really need to be good with numbers to pass a test, but you do need the right tools in order to prepare and study for your tests. But before you can dive right into studying the materials – you should make some notes about how to properly take a math test, without making stupid mistakes. (more…)

Why Am I A Bad Student?

Why Am I A Bad Student?

The moment you’ve entered the education system is the moment you start to realize that, although studying is extremely important, the lessons you learn in the classroom go beyond academic materials. But while you are young and a student you start to have tunnel vision and everything seems so closed off to you, life becomes overwhelming and school takes a toll on your mental health.  (more…)

How to Make Your Hours of Studying Productive

How to Make Your Hours of Studying Productive

You may be familiar with the poignant phrase, “Work smarter, not harder.” Now, this could mean plenty of different things, but when you’re a student and you’re crunched for time – this only means one thing: BE PRODUCTIVE! One of the major roadblocks of university students is that they often find themselves wasting time. They carry their bad habits from high school into college, and never shake it off. College is a different beast altogether, and should be treated in such a way in order to not get blindsided by all of your homework and studying. (more…)

Expert Tips on How to Write a Great Speech

how to write a great speech

Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. Vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti. He’s nervous but on the surface he looks calm and ready. Sometimes we feel how Eminem felt, when we’re giving a speech. You find your way up to the podium, clearing your throat, looking down at your notes and you see absolutely nothing on the page – and you’ve forgotten everything you think you wrote, so now you’re in front of a crowd totally caught off guard.  (more…)

How to Optimize your Winter Break Studying Routine

Winter Break Studying

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There’ll be much hollying and jollying, but there will also be plenty of stressing out about the upcoming semester as well. Final exams have mostly been completed, essays and projects have met their deadlines, so students on their winter holiday should be focused on relaxing and chilling with their friends and family during the holiday season. But there is also plenty of work and studying to be done before the next semester begins, and this is a complete drag. No worries though, there are a number of things to optimize your couch potato schedule and your busy bee schedule to make it all work together. (more…)