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Question #243177

Provide a relevant topic for this research taking into account the guidelines provided by the

prescribed readings. (2) Give a brief explanation of the factors that have contributed to the

choice of the research topic. (8)

c) Select (1) and critically discuss (10) the appropriate research design for the study. In your

discussion give supporting evidence for the appropriateness of the chosen research design,

in other words, discuss why the chosen design is suitable/relevant for the study.

d) Identify and discuss two sampling techniques / methods you will use to select the

respondents who will participate in the study. In your discussion, describe the population

and sample characteristics, indicate why the chosen methods are relevant for the study and

provide a descriptive discussion on how you would apply these methods practically to this

specific case. (15)

Expert's answer

Research topic: The Impact of racial discrimination on academic performance of minority students in institutions of higher learning.

Racial discrimination has been on the rise in institutions of higher learning which has led to poor academic performance amongst students. It has therefore prompted me in researching it to establish how racial discrimination on academic performance. It seeks to help students who are undergoing it in handling it in higher learning institutions.

I would choose a Descriptive research design. It is a scientific method that involves observing and describing the behavior of a subject without influencing it in any way.

Racial discrimination is the key variable that cannot be handled with quantitative data but rather qualitative data by looking at the degree of its extent in the real world especially in institutions of higher learning via minority students. 

Therefore, it is an appropriate research design for the study based on the following reasons; 

a) Effective to analyze non-quantified topics and issues. Racial discrimination is a non-quantifiable topic and will be well analyzed using a descriptive research design. 

b) There is the possibility to observe the phenomenon in a completely natural and unchanged natural environment. Racial discrimination in higher learning institutions can be observed without the participants noting you’re noticing them. 

c) It is a less costly method of data collection, through methods as observation, peer group analysis. 

d) The opportunity to integrate the qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection.

e) Less time-consuming than quantitative experiments. 

f) Racial discrimination as an aspect in current society can be well understood through description which can be effectively achieved through descriptive research design.

Sampling is the process of selecting a predetermined number of observations from a larger population. On the impact of racial discrimination, I will choose;

a) Random sampling - using this technique, every element of the population has an equal probability of getting selected. It means I can select anybody and conduct my data collection on the impact of racial discrimination. It is regarded as the best since it is hard for participants to influence each other on what to say.

b) Systematic Sampling. It involves sampling items from the population at regular predefined intervals. It tends to be more effective than the vanilla random sampling method in general. It is easy to collect correct data on the impacts of discrimination on the academic performance of minority students in institutions of higher learning since they do not rely on one other.

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