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Question #204742

Suppose you are a manger of a bureaucratic organization so what are the six characteristics which you must consider to run your organization properly? Elaborate them briefly. 

b) Define the deviance and the social control. Also discuss the types of social control in detail.

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As a manager, I will use the following bureaucratic organization characteristics.

1. Specialization- I will ensure every employee has specific duties in the organization.

2. Rules- I will set certain rules and regulations that will govern workers in the organization.

3. A clear hierarchy - will ensure that the organization's workers have a chain of order.

4. Location - I will ensure that the organization operates in a pacific area that is supposed to work.

5. Service - will ensure the organization deals with specific goods and services

6. Division of labor- I will also ensure that the organization's responsibilities are broken into different parts so that each employee deals with distinct tasks.

b. Deviance is the action or behavior that violates social norms such as crime rules, or informal violation of social norms. On the other hand, social control society rules and policies that control and enforce human behavior in the community. The two fundamental forms of social control are informal central and formal control. Informal control is the individuals or group of people that help to enforce social norms and laws, they include peer and community peer pressure, bystander intervention in a crime, and patrol groups. Formal social control is the social norm that is exercised by the government by the use of law enforcement mechanisms and functions such as fines, and imprisonment to enact social control.

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