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Question #197783


Question 4

a) Internet technology makes the reproducibility of information possible in ways not possible before the invention of the internet Discuss. CR(5Marks)

b) Using practical examples from your field of study, examine (into some detail) at least three main roles of professional codes of ethics. EV(5 Marks)

c) Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) once said “The greatest goal is to achieve the greatest happiness for as many people as possible.” Clearly explain what he meant by such a statement. AP(5 Marks) d) There is quite a number of ways through which corruption can be prevented in Africa. Kindly identify and analyze at least two ways through which corruption can be prevented within the African context.

Expert's answer

a) It is true that the internet makes the reproducibility of information much possible as it was not possible earlier. With the help of the internet, the same information can be replicated and distributed at various distribution websites and platforms through automation of data analysis, ability to publish all data.

b) By setting a standard for acceptable ethical behavior in a profession, codes of ethics allow other members of the profession to determine when an individual is acting unethically and take steps accordingly in order to protect the reputation of the profession. It can also serve as a valuable reference, helping employees locate relevant documents, services, and other resources related to ethics within the organization. Further, it helps in clarifying an organization's mission, values, and principles, linking them with standards of professional conduct, for example, the body of Accountants, The Institute of certified accountants has a set of professional code of ethics that ensures compliance by all accountants across the globe such as confidentiality, integrity, and honesty.

c) The greatest happiness principle is a moral tenet, which holds that the best thing to do is what contributes to the greatest happiness of the greatest number of people.

d) To prevent corruption in Africa, identify and remove or mitigate the risks specific to your work area or organization. promote public sector values with reference to the Public Administration Act, the Code of Conduct, or local policies and procedures. establish and maintain a corruption-resistant culture.

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