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Question #183691

a) What are the prospective challenges facing families like Andra and Baxter, inclusive of extended family members, in the ongoing pandemic?

b) What specific measures can Social Welfare Services use to ascertain and address the needs, real and perceived, of families in these situations?

c) What accounts for the constraints faced by regional governments to ensure their citizens get vaccines? What should they give consideration to, in order to secure the fate of their people’s free movement?

d) Based on your analysis in a) to c) what are your recommendations to address the issues raised? Include a realistic implementation plan for your recommendations that hinges on research-based evidence and theoretical concepts.

Expert's answer

a. The pandemic has significantly affected families as businesses are suffering and it has created a sense of fear among people for their survival. The pre-cob=vide society wasn’t ready for a pandemic situation and as fast as the virus spreads, families are more insecure about their safety. There is no way small businesses can boost their income because of the lockdowns due to which people don’t go out and neither purchases anything except essentials. In these times the sanity of people staying together can often be affected.

b. Many families like Andra and Baxter have had to suffer due to the pandemic situation and the downfall in the economy of the nations has also affected the economy of families especially middle-class families. In this situation, Social Service workers can help build awareness among people who are subjected to fear and confusion. They can also provide social support to families by making them aware of the several initiatives that the government has taken in order to help people during the pandemic. In these times, they can support families and individuals with mental health challenges as quarantines increase isolation, making these conditions tough for many people. Children in these times are affected the most due to their hamper in education and the government in these cases and help through social workers by donating some tech or even network connections in areas where families can’t afford internet during the economic downfall.

c. The societal value of ensuring safe, fast, and effective vaccines is enormous. Yet people around the world are unable to get vaccinated in a timely manner. This requires vaccines to be affordable and be provided to countries around the world. The governments have to be very effective in demonstrating their administrative and political capacities for the delivery of vaccines locally. 

Some of the constraints faced by regional governments in the timely delivery of medicines or vaccines are

1. Losing millions of doses of vaccines due to a shortage in cold chains, non-functional freezers. 

2. Losing track of vaccines received, people who got vaccinated, and ensuring both subsequent doses from the same company.                                                                                          

3. Administrative, diagnostics, and therapeutics accessories also need space which is six times more than the vaccine volume. Which isn’t available at local levels.                                                               

 Some considerations to ensure proper vaccination:                                                        

1. Engage with governments, non-governmental organizations, and customs authorities, to enter a public-private partnership that will ensure safe and fast global movement of vaccines. This means arranging preclearance, documentation, airspace clearance, and training.                                                          

2. Encouraging asset sharing to fill potential gaps. Such as warehouse spaces, air cargo volumes, re-icing facilities, reefer containers, and last-mile volume delivery.                                                                 

3. Supporting the government with its coordinating role and responding to its requests for resources, information, assets, or emergencies.

d. The current pandemic has altered all the economies of countries around the world. Several families were affected, mostly are from the weaker sections of society. Sociology also points out. It also altered the way of organization of the work, access to resources, and even the way of social interactions.

Many people in the societies lost jobs in the current context. Most of the families lost their purchasing power to accumulate the resources sir sustenance. There can be seen several salary cuts in the employees that are still part of the organization. Andra and Baxter, due to the extended family affiliation, are facing several economic problems. The salary that is getting for working in the CMS is insufficient to lead the life. There also emerges additional investments in their family context due to extended family in the health and even in resource collection. The economy of the region depends on tourism, so due to the restriction on the people's movement, there are no revenues earned in the context of the region's economy. Due to this, the situation is much more worsened. To solve these all issues, there can be taken necessary steps to help out these families.

  1. vaccination: it is the major thing in the people's context to survive their lives. The state should buy the vaccines from the producers rather than relying on the donation. Due to the state's lack of economic power, it should negotiate with the friendly nations and the world organizations that offer loans to the countries during difficult economic times.
  2. Prioritization: the old age group has to be restricted to isolation in the houses. The vaccination has to be done based on the movement of the people, for example. The vaccination has to be done primarily to the families and people who are out for work rather than staying in the homes. Due to this, there can develop the economy's movement, and the people start earning their incomes, which can help foster the resource accumulation.
  3. the people are to be selected based on the work they perform. The people who indulge in the routine work who are at the bottom position in the organization that carries out the direct interactions with the people are to be vaccinated primarily.
  4. technological advancement: the technologically advanced equipment is to be used to implement the social distancing norms at the workplaces. So there can be avoided direct interactions between the people.
  5. The tourists are to be tested primarily before making them allow in the region for the movement. the authorities should make the stringent implementation of the regulations to implement the tourists' social distancing behavior.
  6. an economic package, particularly for the families from the weaker and middle-class groups, will help to negotiate with the problems that they are into. This package can also help to increase the access to resources for the people, which will constitute for maintaining the health. Due to this, healthy people can lead to a healthy and prosperous economy.

Thus, the above are some of the steps that can be taken to solve the issues that are associated with the families like Andra's. The state can take the role by borrowing the capital from the international organizations initially to fasten the economic process, which can be returned after revival.

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