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Hi, I'm new to java programming and i need the explanation why we use public static void main(String args[]) and why we use "main" only rather than other word...please help me....
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The word "main" comes from language C.
The program in C/C++ can be regarded
as a collection of functions and declarations of variables, structures and
Moreover, each structure/class contains declarations of its
properties (internal variables) and methods (internal
If we
want to "run the program", we should decide which function should be runned
Therefore the developers of C just fixed up that the first function to
run will be called "main" (so to say "primary"
function) and this function
has very special declaration either

void main( int argc, const char*
argv[] )
& ..........


& ..........

The first declaration means
that the program will take
& argc - command line arguments which will be
written into the array of C-strings& argv[].

The second declaration means
that the program do not recognize any command line arguments.

In Java
the situation is similar.
The program in Java consists of descriptions of
classes ONLY, while each class contains its own properties ("variables")
methods ("functions").
So, again in order to run the program we should decide
which method of which class will be runned first.

Therefore the
developers of Java fixed up that in the program
there should be a unique
public class which contains a public method called "main" and this function
have the following declaration:

public static void
main(String args[])
& ...............


Similarly to the argument& "char * argv[]" of the C/C++ function
the argument String args[]& is an array of Java-strings.
On the
other hand the length of this array (the argument "int argc" in C/C++ "main") is
absent, since the Java-array is
a class which has property length:
gives the length of args.

The keyword "void" means that
the method "main" does not return any value.

The keyword "public" means
that this method can be accessed outside from class.

The keyword "static"
means that this method uses no instance variables of any object of the class in
which it is
For example if you write

public class
int a; & // instance variable
public static void main(String
& a=5; & // error: static method "main" uses instance
variable "a"

the compiler will give an error.

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