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Question #46354
does anyone see anything wrong with this code? local wW = platform.window:width() local wH = platform.window:height() local Blink = false local Clr = 0 local Clg = 0 local Clb = 0 timer.start(.01) function on.paint (gc) gc:setColorRGB(0, 0, 0) gc:fillRect(0, 0, wW, wH) gc:setColorRGB(Clr, Clg, Clb) gc:drawRect(0, 0, wW - 1, wH - 1) end function on.timer if Blink == false then Blink = true else Blink = false end if Blink == true then Clr = 0 Clg = 255 Clb = 0 else Clr = 255 Clg = 0 Clb = 0 end platform.window:invalidate() end
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Dear visitor,
Blink is a local undefined variable.

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13.10.14, 12:22

Dear Lua.
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11.10.14, 03:05

what do you mean sorry ive only been programming for around a month now

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