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Question #11924
how pressure is independent of volume????. bz we have boyls law to relate them.and we say in pv diagram it is independent , while we know that it looks dependent bz when we try to decrease the volume , pressure increases.
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You are right, the pressure is dependent of volume and the pressure-volume diagram shows that perfectly. So that's incorrect to say that they are independent.

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24.07.12, 14:55

If we're speaking of ideal gases the Ideal Gas Law tells us that PV = nRT where P is pressure in Pascals (or Newtons per square meters), V is volume in cubic meters, n is the number of molecules/atoms, in moles, which are contained (a mole is about 6.02 x 1023), R is the universal gas constant (287 Joules per kilogram per Kelvin), and T is temperature in Kelvins.

20.07.12, 23:23

sorry , ur wrong , it is independent.however uor right in the part that pressure volume diagram shows that perfectly provided the temperature remains constant.

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