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Answer to Question #72536 in Mechanics | Relativity for vit

Question #72536
A crate of mass 30.0 kg is pulled by a force of 180 N up an inclined plane which makes
an angle of 30º with the horizon. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the plane
and the crate is μk = 0.225. If the crates starts from rest, calculate its speed after it has
been pulled 15.0 m. Draw the free body diagram
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Assignment Expert
26.09.18, 20:44

Dear visitor,
please use panel for submitting new questions

Matheus haule
26.09.18, 20:35

physics mechanics :a crate with a mass of 100kg is being hauled up on incline 30 degree when the cable breaks. if there is a constant friction of 200N between the crate and the plane.calculate the velocity of the vehicle at the bottom of the incline

Assignment Expert
12.02.18, 17:58

Dear chamanlal, thank you for your question. Find fixed solution in the attachment.

12.02.18, 17:10

Hello sir in this answer why frictional force is postive , frictional force is oppose the direction of motion then it should be negitive ??????

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