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Answer on Mechanics | Relativity Question for anonymous

Question #50913
1. A rod of length l and radius r is joined to a rod of length l/2 and radius r/2 of same material. The free end of small rod is fixed to a rigid base and the free end of larger rod is given a twist of A degrees. The twist angle at the joint will be (ans-8A/9)

2.A uniform wire of length l and radius r is twisted by angle A. if modulus of rigidity of wire is B then elastic potential energy stored in wire is?(ans-pie*B*r^4*A^2/4l)

3.Two wires A and B are of same length and of same material having radii r1 and r2 respectively. Their one end is fixed with a rigid support and at the other end equal twisting couple is applied. Then ratio of the angle of twist at the end of A and the angle of twist at the end B will be? ans-r1^2/r2^2
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Assignment Expert
05.03.2015 08:41

The torque remains the same, force is dependent on it.

03.03.2015 22:35

but the radius for both of them is different only the force remains the same?

Assignment Expert
03.03.2015 13:47

B is a modulus of rigidity of wire. Torques are the same because it determined as cross product of radius vector and the acting force. Everything from above does not change in considered point.

03.03.2015 01:23

What's B in these answers?
And also the first answer puts torque1=torque' . WHy??

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