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Question #102452
A plane is flying with a constant speed along a straight line at an angle of 30
with the horizontal. The weight of the plane is 100000 N and its engine provides
a thrust of 120000 N in the direction of flight. Two additional forces are exerted
on the plane: the lift force perpendicular to the plane’s wings, and the force due
to air resistance opposite to the direction of motion. Draw the free-body diagram
showing all forces on the plane. Determine the lift force and the force due to air
Expert's answer

As per the given data in the question,


The weight of the plane =100000N

Thrust force on the plane, along the direction of the flight =120000

So, Additional thrust force is "F_{th}"

"\\Rightarrow F_{th}+120000 \\sin 30=100000"


Hence, resist force "R=120000\\cos30=600000\\sqrt{3}N"

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