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A steel ball A of mass 20.0 kg moving with a speed of 2.0 ms−1
collides with another ball B of mass 10.0 kg which is initially at rest. After the collision A moves off with a speed of 1.0 ms−1 at an angle of 30º with its original direction of motion. Determine the final velocity of B.
A satellite moves in an elliptical orbit with the Earth at one focus. At the perigee its
speed is v and its distance from the centre of the Earth is R . If the eccentricity of its
orbit is 0.5, calculate its speed at the apogee.
A projectile is projected with a speed 30 m/s at an angle 30° with the vertical. The speed of the projectile when its direction of motion makes an angle 30° with the horizontal is ? Options 1 ) 10 m/s
2) 20 m/s , 3) 10*3^2 4) 20*3^2
A ball is kicked such that it leaves the ground at an upwards angle of 35° above the horizontal with an initial velocity of 17 m s−1.

How far away does the ball hit the ground? (in m to 2.s.f)

(note: ignore the effects of air resistance when solving this problem)
After stealing a 20 kg bag of oranges, a 80 kg thief finds himself at rest on a frozen lake. He attaches himself to the bag of oranges with a long rope and pushes himself off from the bag by giving himself a rightward velocity. When the rope runs out:

A) both will move right because the thief has a larger kinetic energy
B) both will move right because the thief has a larger mass
C) both will move left because the thief has a larger kinetic energy
D) both will move left because the thief has a larger mass
E) both will stop
At t= 0, a block of mass m is projected with speed v on a rough long horizontal plank (of mass 3m) placed on smooth ground, as shown. Work done by friction on the block between t= 0 and t= infinity equals
you drop a stone in a well and hear it hit the bottom in 6.19s how deep is the well
Light traveling in air is incident on a pane of glass (n = 1.6) at an angle of 25 degrees relative to the normal. What angle relative to the normal will it have once it is inside the glass?
A mass of 1.5 tonnes is suspended 1.5m above a stake. How far into the ground will the stake go if if the mass is allowed to fall and 30% of the energy upon impact is lost due to heat and if ground resistance is 300kn
A solid in the shape of a hemisphere with a radius of 2 units, has its base in the xy-plane
and the centre of the base at the origin. If the density of the solid is given by the function
ρ(x, y,z) = xyz, determine the mass of the hemisphere.
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