Answer to Question #7522 in Trigonometry for Timothy Scaping

Question #7522
1 What is the identity of Sin 1csc 1sec 1cot 1tan 2 What is the identity of Cos 1csc 1cos 1sec 1sin 3 What is the identity of tan 1cot 1tan 1csc 1sin 4 What is the identity of cosecant 1sin 1sec 1tan 1cos 5 What is Sin2x+Cos2x tan2x 1 2 sec2x 6 What is cos2x 2cos2xÀ1 2sinxcosx cosxsinx cos2x 7 At what quadrant is 620 1st 3rd 2nd 4th 8 At what quadrant is 3100 3rd 4th 1st 2nd 9 Find the value of cos[40:70] 0.7581 0.3421 0.6347 0.1583 10 Find the value of cos[30:00] 0.8599 0.9833 0.8581 0.5
Expert's answer
1. 1/cscA
2. 1/secA
3. 1/cotA
4. 1/sinA
5. sin2x+cos2x=1
6. cos2x=2cos2x-1
7. 3th
8. 3th
9. -10. use your calculator

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