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Answer on Algebra Question for Tracy

Question #5820
Twice of a number is greater than half of the same number by 60.Find the number.
Expert's answer
Let's denominate the unknown number by N. Now we can write down an equation:
2N - 60 = N/2.
So, 1.5N = 60 ==> N = 60/1.5 = 40.

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Pranay Goswami
05.01.2012 09:44

then my my answer is also true :)

Assignment Expert
05.01.2012 09:42

84 > 21 + 60 => 84>81 that's true.

Pranay Goswami
05.01.2012 09:33

ok !! no problem !! lets take x = 42 the 2*42 = 84 > 42/2 + 60 => 84 > 21 + 60 => 84 > 84
True ??

Assignment Expert
05.01.2012 09:30

You see in the statement of the question& that twice of a number is greater than half of the same number <u>by 60</u> . it means that twice number differs from it's half exactly by 60 and& not greater or lesser than 60. If it would be said something like difference between twice number and it's half is greater than 60 then we would write inequality. In given question we should write equation

Pranay Goswami
05.01.2012 09:23

ok .... I am 100 % agree with you. But what the question asked "Twice of a number is greater than half of the same number by 60.Find the number."
2x - x/2 > 60 => If we take 63 . Clearly 63>60 . then answer is 42. Am I right or wrong !!

Assignment Expert
05.01.2012 09:17

The question was should we use "=" or ">" when solving given problem
In your example we have inequality& given and of course the answer is x<-1. But in our question we should use "=" (we explained above why so) and therefore we obtain single number not inequality

Pranay Goswami
05.01.2012 09:11

Your comment (max 512 symbols)

Pranay Goswami
05.01.2012 09:11

But what is your opinion about x - 2x > 1 ... according to you answer must be -1. But answer is x < -1. Simple solving inequalities.

Assignment Expert
05.01.2012 08:23

In the statement of question it's said that twice of a number is greater than half of the same number <u>by 60</u>, so we know exactly the difference between twice number and its half. hence we should use "=" not ">"

Pranay Goswami
29.12.2011 09:36

I think, answer is all numbers greater than 40. because there is > sign not =.

29.12.2011 09:18

Let the number be x.
2x - (x/2)=60
solving for x,
we get x=40

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