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Question #207984

watch this video:

It is a collection of interviews conducted on my ex-colleagues at Penguin’s New York City office. Based on what you can see from the video, what do you think Penguin’s Organizational Culture is like?

Upload your response in PDF format in the Forum Activity link on Moodle. Maximum limit is 5-pages double spaced excluding references (~500-750 words for sure). This must be completed by Friday June 18th, 11:00pm. Your completion of this activity will be worth 5% of your overall grade in this course.

APA citations are required in this assignment. Refer to the APA Citations instruction files uploaded to Moodle for further understanding on how to use the methodology!


500-650 words for sure

3 citations (should must be in APA format)

Expert's answer

What is the culture of Penguin Organization?


                   Penguin Organization is a British Book publishing Group of great writers and gifted as well as talented story tellers. It is one of the leading trade book publishers in the United States, comprised of imprints with a long and productive history dating back to the nineteenth century and originally founded in the UK by Allen Lane in a1935.

             The group publish a vast range of books which could be poetry on one hand, classic publishing and fiction-nonfiction intellectual on the other hand. The aim of the Group has always been envisioning a collection of quality books affordable enough to be “bought easily as a packet of cigarettes” and as such they are proud that they do a lot of books on this category in which they term it as being fun.

           As part of their culture, Penguin is supportive to their employees and management team and they are trying as much as they can to help their employees grow, getting everybody on board to catch-up with the ever growing digital-revolution that is happening in today’s world. They put more concern on diversification rather than setting their staffs on a single platform that is one can be a marketing director in one field and play part as an editorial assistant in another field to help in the marketing department.

        Freedom has been amongst the key areas in their work routines and they have not deprived any one of the creativity freedom since this is what they believe works hand in hand with other factors to drive this organization, this has been vividly displayed by the end products of their books which have been published by a group of profoundly dedicated and talented professional .

             Furthermore, collegiality and togetherness as been counted as a portion in their culture which has made the company run better over the years, they have always aimed at publishing books that makes a difference in the readers life and they believe that literature can fuel the imagination and guide the soul. From this, Penguin Books ensures that there is always a book in their shelves for every reader, and they relish to publish across every category and interest with utmost care and enthusiasm.

           Penguin group have also aimed at introducing the writers to the world, all their published materials carry their iconic logo that can be found on bestsellers and undiscovered gems, neighbourhood supermarkets and almost certainly on your shelf at home. This logo act as a symbol of pride in their organization and any reader would definitely want to read their book once they view it on the spot.

           In terms of the services they offer, Penguin has focused both on their employees and customers by ensuring that maximum contentment is met at both parties, this has been accrued by handing enough and high-quality training to their personnel and staffs to ensure that they are well versed with the dynamic technological revolution at this time to guarantee their customers immense satisfaction.

Conclusively their mission and culture has indeed remained the same. Through decades and lifetimes, celebration and crises, penguin has always made books for everyone. Books that can change your mood or your mind. Your commute or your community. The way you eat or sleep, today, tomorrow and your entire life time.


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