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Question #166806

Agbogbloshie is notorious for its electronic waste which has made the area heavily polluted. As a student of Environmental Management:

1. List and explain the various types of pollution prevalent in the Agbogbloshie area.

2. Explain the causal factors of the prevailing pollution in the area.

3. List and explain the effects of the pollution on the environment and human health

4. Suggest five ways of Addressing the menace in the Agbogblosie enclave.

Expert's answer

1 a).  One type of pollution in Agbolbloshie area is air polluion, when electronic waste is burn    they emmits hydrocarbon such as lead that degrade the quality of air hence endagering human, animals and plants .

b).  Other type of pollution to environment in Agbolbloshie is soil erosion, when electronic waste decompose they releases harmful elements such as cadmium and lead wich directry harm the plants that produces human and animal nutrients.

c).  Final type of pollution in Agbolbloshie area is water pollution, when electronic waste brakes down lead ,grass and other harmful toxic substance find their way to water bodies wich is consumed by human and animals thus causing health issues and complication.

2.  The prevailling electronic pollution is escalleted by the increase of innovation ,where new products is manufactured and consumer dispose off the old device for new one ,this increases electronic waste in an area.

Agbolbloshie lacks proper methods of disposing electronic waste where they burn their waste recklessy causing pollution.

Agbolbloshie lack proper policy of differentiating electroni products from electronic waste, hence making their area dumpping site for imported waste.

3.  There have been an increase in cases of cancer due to increase in carcinogenic level in the soil .

There have been an inbalance in marine life due to high rates of toxi substance that decrease the rate of oxygen level in the water affecting acquatic life.


Agbolbloshie to start establishing recycling system that is efficient and friendly to environment.

Provisioning of health facility that deals with cases of contamination to areas that do not have those facility in Agbolbloshie.

Agbolbloshie to come up with policies that protects itself from illegal domping by foreign nationality.

They should establish electronic waste managements that is sustainable for correct disposal of electronic waste.

The government should improve the economics standard of itself in order to cater for its citizen needs such as hospital and jobs.

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