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Question #159379

The Karl’s store strongly condemn their employees to eat, drink or smoke within their stores premises. Jessica was therefore surprised to walk into her laundry store and finding two of the employee shaving lunch at the front counter. There was a large pizza in its box, and the two of them were eating slices of pizza, drinking colas and throwing paper plates. Not only did it look messy, but there were soda spills on the counter and the stores melted from onions and tomatoes. In addition to being a turnoff to customers, the mess on the counter meant that a customer’s order might actually become soiled in the store. Although this was a serious matter, Jessica didn’t feel that what the counter people were doing was grounds for dismissal partly because the store manager had apparently ignored their actions. It seemed to her that the matter called for more than just a warning but less than dismissal.


a. If you were at Jessica’s place what action would you have taken and why?                                (5 marks - word limit: 150 to 200)


b. What type of disciplinary system should be established at Karl’s for future?                                (5 marks- word limit: 150 to 200)

Expert's answer

a. If you were at Jessica’s place what action would you have taken and why? (5 marks-word limit: 150 to 200)

If were Jennifer, I would have warned them not to repeat this again. As well I would recommend starting a training program to gain basic training on customer relations and hygiene to employees. Training boost a feeling of value in employees. It shows that a company is committed to providing them with the resources needed to not only ensure they do their job well but also ensure they are provided with the otline of rules and regulations important for thier wellbeing.

As well have sign boards informing of what not to do in certain areas. In many cases, they also provide companies with an opportunity to remind their workers of the safest and most effective ways of working.

I would outline a policy that prohibits eating at ceratin areas including the front counter because it is very unprofessional and does not look good to the incoming customers.

I would inform the employees of the new policy and the consequences of any future violation of the policies. The policy should be obligatory for all employees and enforced to take place immediately after all employees have been informed

b. What type of disciplinary system should be established at Karl’s for future? (5 marks- word limit: 150 to 200)

Karl’s store should establish a disciplinary system for all employees who fail to follow the set policies, professional business rules and guidlines.

The disciplinary system is important because it keeps the employees aware of the rules of the company and the consequences of breaking them. Some of the disciplinary system would be:

1.Issuing Verbal warnings: This is often the first step before any further action is taken. Verbal warning are necessary to encourage employee to correct their behavior

2.Issuing a written warning: Written reprimands are the type of discipline you implement if an employee continues to violate workplace standards or regulations. Managers or supervisors must ensure that your worker reads and signs the document, then place the document in that person’s personnel file.

3.Issuing a written suspension: Hazardous behavior or employee actions that threaten the health and safety of those in your workplace are typically valid reasons for a suspension.The most efficient system would be suspension without pay to set example.

4.Termination of an employee: This is the final action if you exhausted all other options. This is prompted if the employee continue to exhibit behaviors that is harmful to your company and to your other workers. In some instances, you can issue a final written warning that indicates termination will follow if the employee’s behavior isn’t corrected.

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