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Why did the Han dynasty base its administrative and educational system on a combination of Legalism and Confucianism? address two things: a) the Han system of government; b) the most essential aspects of the two philosophies, such as li, ren (humaneness), junzi (sages), and filial piety.

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The Han Dynasty did profit from Confucianism. The creation of a Confucian state has assisted Han Wudi's reign for fifty-four years, making him one of the longest sovereigns in China's history. Similarly, before Confucianism, individuals were offered critical positions whether or not they were knowledgeable enough to do leadership. Moreover, The Han Dynasty hold power for a long time, from 202 BCE to 220 CE, and instigated many of the most significant cultural developments in Chinese history, the development and inaugural of the Silk Road being merely one of them. They initially retained a system of Legalism as their sanctioned way of life, but it was a much peaceful form than the one advocated by the Qin.

A. The Han dynasty was ruled by a centralized empire commanded by an emperor and reinforced by the royal government's intricate system. The Han administration had separated powers: the armed forces (defense), the censorate (assessor), and the civil service (public administration). The Legalists supported the government by a structure of regulations that strictly recommended punishments and prizes for particular conducts. They emphasized the course of all human activities and behavior toward enhancing the authority of the sovereign and the government. In contrast, Confucianism invigorated the government to provide jobs to cultured and educated individuals instead of nobles. Confucianism appreciated edification, increasing awareness and discoveries. The Han dynasty extended China's boundaries, was founded on Confucianism, and established a bureaucracy.

B. Filial piety ethics was gradually legalized since the Han Dynasty. The concept of filial piety in the Confucian classics has been officially recognized, posing a substantial impact on Han Dynasty authority. A lot of Confucian classics had gained official recognition in the Western Han Dynasty. Additionally, a junzi acknowledged the existing order of the realm and his or her position in it. Confucius formed the model of junzi, a nobleman, which anyone in the community may attain.

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