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Question #108436
The Boston Massacre of 1770 was a key event leading up to the American Revolution. Read the description of the Massacre given by British Army officer Captain Preston (America Firsthand 9h edition pages 102-106; 8th ed. p. 91-93; 7th ed. p. 94-98). Question 1. Using your own words, describe Captain Preston's view of the incident. How did the trouble begin? How did his soldiers react to the crowd? Did his actions appear justified? Next, read the accounts of American colonists George Hughes and John Tudor, and the one published in the Boston newspapers. (America Firsthand 9 ed. pages 106-113: 8h ed. pages 94-102; 7h ed. p.98-106) Question 2. How do these colonists describe the Boston Massacre? Question 3. What are some major differences between their versions and the story told by Captain Preston? Question 4. Finally, compare Paul Revere's famous illustration of the Boston Massacre to the other descriptions. Do you think his drawing was accurate? Why or why not?
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Question One 

Captain Preston's view and Justification of his Actions

Although the Captain Preston Was a key figure in the Boston Massacre of March 5,1770, he held the view that he was not to blamed about the entire ordeal since he ordered the soldiers to cease fire or not ton shoot.  On the same note, he posited that soldiers had to take care of themselves since they had begun a conflict with the public. Although Captain Preston was innocent of the killings, his it was hard for his actions to be justified. He was tried for the murder but eventually acquitted.

How Did the Trouble Begin and How Did the Soldiers React to the Crowd?

The trouble began with a small incident of conflict between the British and the American colonists. It was on March 5, afternoon, when a crowd of Bostonians were jeering the soldiers with slinging snowballs.  The British soldiers had been ordered not to fire at them and were looking after the Boston Customs House. Eventually, they became angered after one of the snowballs had hit one of them, making them to fire at the crowd. The war escalated into an immense historical event that translated into the American Revolution.

Question Two

Colonists describe the Boston Massacre as the beginning of freedom and independence, since they were weary of the exploitation they were facing from the British rule. This aspect made them to fight for their independence.

Question Three

The major differences could be seen on the person who yelled "Damn you, fire!"  since Preston held that it was Montgomery who began the firing while on the other side, the lawyers of Montgomery maintained that Captain Preston started the war.

Question Four

Paul Revere's famous illustration of the Boston Massacre was built on exaggeration that British soldiers are ready to fire as an officer continues to order them to do so. He held the point that British were the aggressors. This aroused the interest of the public to for fight for their independence. I think the notion was not accurate since the captain had not ordered the soldiers to fire at the crowd. 

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