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To what extent has urban change created opportunities in a uk city?
the nomadism is specific to the steppes and deserts of
Why some volcano eruption caused more damage than others?
Today countries usually have well-defined fixed borders, but in the past there were many countries that had poorly-defined borders – basically just regions where nobody was fully in charge. These areas are called:
Critically examine the significant evidence that the relationship between population and environment is bidirectional.
Why are cities in developing nations growing so fast?
Hey, I was wondering if South America was a LDC or MDC and if it is an LDC which countries are?
The fertile soil that the Nile used to deposit on farmland
1)Which phrase most accurately describes the geographic term place?

Question options:

latitude and longitude

a street address

a meaningful location with distinctive characteristics

the relationship between locations and their shapes

2) Which examples indicate relative location?

Choose all answers that are correct.

Question options:

The center of Minnesota is about 45° north, 93° west.

Minnesota borders Canada.

The Prime Meridian runs through Greenwich, England.

We met 5 miles north of the rest stop.

3)Which facts about lines of longitude are true?

Choose all answers that are correct.

Question options:

run from north to south

measure in a north-to-south direction

are called meridians

number 360 around Earth

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