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Question #198420

 compare the religions of the San hunter gatherers and the Zulus as representatives of the Bantu-speaking farmers in terms of the beliefs, practices, institutions and history of these two religions

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Language was a barrier among san hunter but they show important similarities when it comes to rituals as they believed in spirit realm beyond the surface of the rock face hence the Drakensberg rock painting occupied by the strange rain and animal spirits. On the other hand, Bantu-speakers traditionally believed in a spirit realm that is invisible to the normal human beings and inhabited by a supreme being and ancestral spirits (the supreme being God) the creator who maintains everything. Ancestors were not given great respect in the tradition of the San; even though, in central Africa forest they used branches to cover a dead relative for the corpse would become part of the spirits again in contrast the bantu-speakers referred to ancestral spirits as Badimo or Amadlozi who serves as their protection and responsible for the well-being of the family. Rituals were performed to appease the ancestors by offering beer libation and animal sacrifice joined by extended families to celebrate. San hunters appealed to the supreme creator god who control such things as weather, success of a hunt and illness.

 Relied on ritual activities such as trance dance that bind the group together while Zulus practices were accompanied by spirit rituals known as life-cycle rituals the belief part of their everyday lived experience as they go about their daily activities Zulu men were patriarch ally head of the family with the women taking care of the household and San considered men as wild animals because they hunt and women as gatherers who make the food edible. Both men and women participated in the trance as opposed to Bantu-speakers who have chiefs of the traditional authority over a number of homesteads which falls under his control. Diviners are people who can determine things such as future events whereas for the San, Shamans have strong connection to the spiritual world that benefit the kinship. Both the San and the Zulus had no scriptures their religion passed from generation over stories, songs, rituals, dance, myths and rock paintings. Bantu farmers arrived in the northern and eastern coastal parts because they migrated from southward developed relationships with San of the Drakensberg by intermarriage which resulted in many clicks sounds in IsiXhosa. A large population of the San in western part was removed by European colonist, For Bantu-speakers there are myths surrounding the history of black indigenous people on how black were given the land

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