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Question #242170

(a) Connect two conductors to the sheath. Measure the capacitance, Cd between the remaining

single conductor and the two other conductors and the sheath. Take the capacitance between

the shorted cores and the sheath as Cb. Now determine the effective capacitance of each

conductor to the grounded neutral.

Expert's answer

First, it is necessary to derive the equation:


r = radius of the inner conductor and d = 2r

R = radius of the sheath and D = 2R

ε0 = permittivity of free space = 8.854 x 10-12

εr = relative permittivity of the medium

With the equation and the provided details, we can obtain:

42.99 farad 

b) We are also provided with the following information:

1. A 61800 V concentric cable

2. Two intersheaths has a core diameter of 2.8cm

3. Dielectric material of 3.8mm thickness constitutes three zones of insulation. Determine the maximum stress in each of the three layers,

Given that 21800 V is maintained across each of the inner two Layers:

Maximum stress is σ =F/A0 ,  which we obtain by dividing F by the cross-sectional area A0 of the deformed specimen. Stress becomes apparent in ductile materials after yield has started directly proportional to the force (F) decreases during the necking phase.

Substituted, we obtain: 3.123 F/A0

c) ABCD parameters can be represented as follows:

We can derive these parameters for the problem stated are as follows:

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