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Question #103572
A mild steel ring has a mean circumference of 500 mm
and a uniform cross-sectional area of 300 mm2
Calculate the m.m.f. required to produce a flux of
500 µWb. An airgap, 1.0 mm in length, is now cut in
the ring. Determine the flux produced if the m.m.f.
remains constant. Assume the relative permeability
of the mild steel to remain constant at 220.
Expert's answer

The magnetomotive force can be expressed in terms of flux and magnetic reluctance as

"F=\\Phi R,"

where the magnetic reluctance is


Therefore, for the ring without a gap the MMF is

"F=\\Phi\\frac{l}{\\mu\\mu_0A}=\\\\=500\\cdot10^{-6}\\cdot\\frac{500\\cdot10^{-3}}{220\\cdot4\\pi\\cdot10^{-7}\\cdot300\\cdot10^{-6}}=3014\\text{ A}."

When we have the airgap, the reluctance changes:



where the length of the steel ring will be, of course, 1 mm less than in the previous case.

Calculations give us the answer of

"F=4335\\text{ A}."

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26.06.20, 13:26

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Varun Bhutada
16.06.20, 08:58

An air-gap between two pole pieces is 20 mm in length and the area of the flux path across the gap is 5 cm2. If the flux required in the air-gap is 0.75 mWb. Find the mmf necessary.

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