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Question #51260
Suppose the investment demand and private saving supply curves in the market for loanable funds are given by the following equations: I = 2000 – 100r S = 500 + 100r where r represents the real interest rate in percentage points (eg. 10% is represented by 10), and quantities are in billions. Assume that a closed economy and that initially the government is running a balanced budget (ie. government saving initially equals 0). (c) Return to the original supply and demand conditions. Suppose now that the government changes policy and will run deficits equal to 500 to finance current government services. How does this affect the level of national saving? Calculate the new equilibrium. What is the level of private saving in the new equilibrium? (d) With reference to an aggregate production function, explain why the deficit described above might affect future economic growth.
Expert's answer
I = 2000 – 100r
S = 500 + 100r
(c) BS = -$500 billion.
In this case the level of national saving will decrease. The new equilibrium will be:
I = S = 1250 - 500 = $750 billion
r = 750/100 - 5 = %2.5
(d) The deficit described above might decrease future economic growth
level, because there will be less saving and investment in new
production, so the increase in output will be lower or even negative.

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