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Answer to Question #52243 in Physical Chemistry for vi

Question #52243
According to the kinetic theory of gases, a gas can be compressed much more than a liquid or solid because
a gas is composed of very small particles.
the particles of a gas are very far apart.
gas particles move rapidly.
gas particles do not attract or repel one another.
6 For a gas, which pair of variables are inversely proportional to each other (if all other conditions remain constant)?
P, T
P, V
V, T
n, V
7 Which measurement describes the pressure of a gas?
315 K
1.2 g/L
725 mm Hg
2.5 L
8 Electrical resistance is measured in _____________.
9 The process of separating a pure solid from a solution is known as _______________.
10 Standard temperature and pressure refers to:
0 atm and 273 K
1 atm and 273 K
101.325 kPa and 0 K
more than one of the above
Expert's answer
the particles of a gas are very far apart;
P, V
725 mm Hg.
1 atm and 273 K

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Question 16 : Which of the following statements is false?
The properties of N2(g) will deviate more from ideality at -100oC than at 100oC.
Molecules of an ideal gas are assumed to have no significant volume.
Molecules of CH4(g) at high pressures and low temperatures have no attractive forces between each other.
Van der Waal's equation corrects for the non-ideality of real gases.

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