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Question #21212
A suspension of calcium carbonate particles in water flows through a pipe. Your assignment is to determine both the flow rate and the composition of this slurry. You proceed to collect the stream in a graduated cylinder for 1.00 min; you then weigh the cylinder, evaporate the collected water, and reweigh the cylinder. The following results are obtained:
Mass of empty cylinder: 65.0g
Mass of cylinder + collected slurry: 565g
Volume collected: 455mL
Mass of cylinder after evaporation: 215g
(a) The volumetric flow rate and mass flow rate of the suspension.
(b) The density of the suspension.
(c) The mass fraction of CaCO3 in the suspension.
Expert's answer
(a) The volumetric flow rate
= 455 ml / min
The mass flow rate of the suspension
= (565-65= 500) = 500 g / min

(b) The density of the suspension
= 500 g / 455 ml
= 1.0989 g/ml ( 1.1)

(c) The mass fraction of CaCO3 in the suspension (mass of water is
the same that its volume 455 ml = 455 g )

w = (500-455) / 500 * 100% = 9 %

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a mixture of propane and butane is burned with pure oxygen. the combustion products contains 47.4 mole % H2O. After all the water is removed from the products,the residual gas contains 69.4 mole% CO2 and the balance O2.

a) write the balanced equations for this combustion reaction
b) calculate all the unknowns and what is the mole percent of propane in the fuel?

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