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Question #10596
1) You are given a mixture of silver and barium carbonate. Which of the following sequences would enable you to obtain a pure sample of silver.
A Add aqueous sodium chloride, filter and crystalize
B Add aqueous sodium chloride, stir and filter
C Add dilute hydrochloric acid, stir and filter
D Add dilute sulfuric acid, stir and filter.

2) Powdered calcium carbonate is commonly placed in chimneys of coal-buring power stations to remove waste gases. Which waste gas will not be removed by the powdered calcium carbonate
A Sulfur dioxide
B Nitrogen Dioxide
C Carbon monoxide
D Phosphorous(V) oxide
My ans for the 2nd Q is C but I am not sure
Expert's answer
1. C Add dilute hydrochloric acid, stir and filter

BaCO3 + 2HCl(dilute) = BaCl2(soluble) + CO2 + H2O
Ag(solid) + HCl(dilute) -x->

2. C Carbon monoxide
CaCO3 + SO2 --> CaSO3 + CO2
2CaCO3 + 4NO2 --> Ca(NO3)2 + Ca(NO2)2 + 2CO2
CaCO3 + CO -x->
3CaCO3 + P2O5 --> Ca3(PO4)2 + 3CO2

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