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Answer to Question #22152 in Organic Chemistry for naeim vhora

Question #22152
write the electron dot formula of:NaOH,N2O,SO2,SO3,SO3--(sulphite ion),sulphate ion,thio sulphate ion,phosphoric acid,phosphate ion,potassium per magnate.
Expert's answer
the oxygen atom has 2 lone pair e-, 2 e- on top and 2 e- on the bottom of the oxygen atom
:N triple bond N - O :::
It is in resonance with 2 other possible structures.
One of the oxygens shoes a single bond and the other a double. The 2 bonds with oxygen are actually resonant.
Sulfur has 2 unpaired electrons.
SO3 has 24 electrons. Don't confuse it with sulfite ion, which has 26 electrons.
O : S :: O . O : S :: O
: & :
O & .O
Each oxygen has an octet of electrons. There will be three resonance structures. It will be trigonal planar (no lone pairs on S), with 120 degree bond angles, and have sp2 hybridization.

(.O:)2S (: : )2O

The element S has 6 valence electrons. Sulfide ion has a -2 charge. That means that sulfide ion has 8 electrons assigned to it. That will fill the valence orbitals of the sulfur atom.

& . . ::& . .
:S : S :O:
& . . ::& . .

O::P (:O:H)3 and& O::P (:O.)3


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