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Question #6414
(b) Molar volume of an ideal gas at S.A.T.P. (25oC and 1.00 bar is 24.8 dm3 mol-1. Assume that gases are at 225oC and P=1.00 atmosphere before and after the combustion and behave as ideal gases. The chemical equation for the combustion of butane is: 2C4H10(g) + 13O2(g) → 8CO2(g) + 10H2O(l) At 225oC, we ignite a mixture of 5.00 dm3 of butane and 75.0 dm3 of O2 i. Is there enough oxygen for the complete combustion of the butane present? Explain your answer. [2 marks] ii. What gases are present in the resulting mixture after combustion? [2 marks] iii. Calculate the final volume of the mixture after combustion (3 sig. fig). [4 marks] iv. Calculate the amounts (number of moles) of O2 and butane consumed using the molar volume of an ideal gas at S.A.T.P (3 sig. fig). [4 marks] v. The final mixture is cooled down from 225oC to 25oC. Calculate the volume of the resulting gaseous mixture (3 sig. fig.). [3 marks]
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