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Question #190069

The reactant that determines how much product can be made?

  1. Which statement is true for the reaction represented by this equation CH₄+2O₂ 🡪CO₂+2H₂O?
  2. Tells how efficient a reaction is?
  3. When magnesium metal is burned, it forms magnesium oxide. How many grams of oxygen gas are required to completely react with 10 moles of Mg? 2Mg+O₂ --> 2MgO?
  4. How many moles of oxygen are produced from 3 moles of potassium chlorate in this equation? 2KClO₃ --> 2KCl + 3O₂?
  5. How many moles of O₂ are needed to make 2.3X10²⁴ molecules of water? C₃H₈ + 5O₂ --> 3CO₂ + 4H₂O? 
  6. How many atoms of Cu would be produced when 9.50 moles of Fe is Used according to the following chemical reaction? 2Fe+3Cu₂SO₄ --> Fe₂(SO₄)₃+6Cu? 

Expert's answer

1)1 mol CH₄/16.0g CH₄

2)Measures the efficiency with which reactant mass ends up in the desired product, usually expressed as a percentage.

3)5 moles of O2

4)4.5 moles of Oxygen

5)4.79 moles of Oxygen

6)Atoms of Cu=

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