Answer to Question #183138 in Inorganic Chemistry for Mbalenhle

Question #183138

Ammine chloro bisethylenediammine cobalt(III) sulfate


a.Systematic name or formula

b.the coordination number

c.the possible geometry of the coordination compound

d.the correct hybridization for the metal ion,based on the valence bond theory.

e.The magnetic behaviour of the central metal ion

Expert's answer

1. Nomenclature -

Ammonium diamminetetrahydroxonickelate (II)

2. 4 OH - and 2 NH3 ligands are attached to Ni ion, so a total of 6 ligands. its coordination number is 6.

3. coordination number 6 means it's possible geometry can be octahedral.

4. According to VBT, due to presence of all the weak field ligands, it's hybridisation is sp3d2.

5. It is a d8 system. 6 electrons in t2g and 2 in eg(in unpaired condition) .So it is paramagnetic.

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There are no answers for Ammine chloro bisethylenediammine cobalt(III) sulphate on the above answers only for (NH4)2(Ni(OH)4(NH3)2)

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