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Answer to Question #55642 in General Chemistry for Angela

Question #55642
A room contains 48 kg of air. How many KWh of energy are necessary to heat the air in the house from 7oC to 28oC? The heat capacity of air is 1.03 J/goC.
Expert's answer
Q = C*m*(T2 - T1) = 1.03 J/(g*K)*48 kg*(28 C - 7 C) = 1.03 J/(g*K)*48000 g*(28 C - 7 C) = 1038240 J = 288.4 Wh = 0.2884 kWh

1 Wh = 3600 J

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At what velocity (m/s) must a 28.7 kg object be moving in order to possess a kinetic energy of 1.03 J?

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