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Question #200324

formic acid, HCOOC, can decompose to fom carbon monoxide gas, CO, and liquid water. if 3.85 L of CO was collected by downward displacement of water at 25.0 degree celcius and 689 mmHg how many grams of formic acid were reacted

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Ans:- Reaction of Decomposition of Formic Acid "(HCOOH)"

"HCOOH \\ \\ \\ \\to \\ \\ \\ CO(gas)\\ \\ \\ + (liq. )H_2O"

Carbon Mono Oxide was collected at temperature "(T)""=25+273=298K" and at Pressure"(P)=689\\ mmHg" and having Volume"(V)=3.85 \\ L"

Value of Gas Constant"\\ =62.363\\ mmHg.L.K^{-1}\u22c5mol^{\u22121}"

Ideal Gas equation



"\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ n=\\dfrac{689\\times3.85}{62.363\\times298}=0.1427\\ mol"

"0.1427 \\ mol" of Carbon Mono Oxide was formed by the decomposition of formic acid "(HCOOH)"

So, According to Stoichiometry

"1\\ mol" of formic acid react to form = "1\\ mol" of Carbon Mono Oxide

Hence "0.1427 \\ mol" of formic Acid "(HCOOH)" was reacted

Therefore Gram of Formic Acid "(HCOOH)" react"=0.1427\\times46=6.5642\\ gm"

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