Answer to Question #198428 in General Chemistry for Lee Lucero

Question #198428

Use the data from the first video to complete this report.

A. Schematic Diagram




B. Chemical Equations involved in the reaction

1. Reaction of hydrochloric acid with Calcium carbonate in eggshell


2. reaction of NaOH with excess HCl



C. Data and Results


[HCl] = ______________ 

[NaOH]= ____________ 

Answers with calculation:

Mass of Ground Eggshell sample

Volume of HCl added


Moles of HCl used in titration (initial)


NaOH, Initial buret reading


NaOH, final buret reading


Volume of NaOH used


Moles of NaOH used to react with HCl


Moles of HCl used to react with NaOH (excess)


Moles of HCl used to react with CaCO3 in eggshell


Moles of CaCO3 reacted with HCl


Mass of CaCOreacted in grams


Percentage of CaCOin eggshell sample


this is the youtube link

Expert's answer

A. Schematic Diagram

B.1.CaCO3+2 HCl -> CaCl2 + CO2 + H2O

2. HCl+NaOH→H2O+NaCl.

C. [HCl] = 2.84M


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