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Question #198198

Two oxide of a metal contained 71.2% and 78.8% respectively. Show that this information illustration the law of multiple proportion

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full information is not given so , we will take an example to get the way to solve these types of problems

The percentage of metal in two metal oxides, A and B is 74.2% and 59%, respectively. Show that the law of multiple proportions is obeyed.

"\\def\\arraystretch{1.5}\n \\begin{array}{c:c:c}\n Metal \\ oxides & percentage \\ of \\ metal & percentage \\ of \\ oxygen\\\\ \\hline\n A & 74.2 & 25.8 \\\\\n \\hdashline\n B & 59 & 41\n\\end{array}"

In A, 74.2 g of metal combines with 25.8 g of oxygen

combines with 1 g of oxygen


In B, 59 g of metal combines with 41 g of oxygen

And combines with 1 g of oxygen


∴ The ratio by weight of metal combining with fixed mass of oxygen in A and B


Hence, law of multiple proportions is obeyed

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