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Question #197730

1) What are the factors that affect the chemical reaction?

2) How does these factors influence the rate of the chemical reaction?

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Answer 1:

There are many factor that effect chemical reaction but we consider four main factor and that is

temperature, catalyst, physical state and concentration.

Temperature-: An increase in temperature typically increases the rate of reaction. An increase in temperature will raise the average kinetic energy of the reactant molecules. Therefore, a greater proportion of molecules will have the minimum energy necessary for an effective collision.

Catalyst-:A catalyst is a substance that accelerates a reaction by participating in it without being consumed. Catalysts provide an alternate reaction pathway to obtain products. They are critical to many biochemical reactions. They will be examined further in the section “Catalysis.”

Physical State -: If reactant molecules exist in different phases, as in a heterogeneous mixture, the rate of reaction will be limited by the surface area of the phases that are in contact. For example, if a solid metal reactant and gas reactant are mixed, only the molecules present on the surface of the metal are able to collide with the gas molecules. Therefore, increasing the surface area of the metal by pounding it flat or cutting it into many pieces will increase its reaction rate.

Concentration -: Increasing the concentration of one or more reactants will often increase the rate of reaction. This occurs because a higher concentration of a reactant will lead to more collisions of that reactant in a specific time period.

Note -:

  • Reactions occur when two reactant molecules effectively collide, each having minimum energy and correct orientation.
  • Reactant concentration, the physical state of the reactants, and surface area, temperature, and the presence of a catalyst are the four main factors that affect reaction rate.

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