Answer to Question #195924 in General Chemistry for Muchafara Makonye

Question #195924

i. Calculate the amount of nitric acid in terms molarity and in terms of number of moles 

ii. Differentiate molarity and number of moles.

3. A 0.010 mol sample of barium nitrate formed was heated until it had completely decomposed according to the following balanced equation:

2Ba (NO3)2(s) ˗˗˗˗˗˗˗˗˗˃˃ 2 BaO(s) + 4 NO2 (g) + O2(g)

a) Use the ideal gas equation to calculate the total volume, cm3, of gaseous products obtained at 387 K and 1.12 × 105Pa.

b) The Kinetic Theory of gases is an attempt to explain the properties (behaviour) of ideal gases. What assumptions (at least three) does this theory make about gas molecules?

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ii)The primary difference between the two comes down to mass versus volume. The molality describes the moles of a solute in relation to the mass of a solvent, while the molarity is concerned with the moles of a solute in relation to the volume of a solution.

3a)Total Volume =560cm3

b)(1) the gas is composed of a large number of identical molecules moving in random directions, separated by distances that are large compared with their size;

(2) the molecules undergo perfectly elastic collisions (no energy loss) with each other.

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