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Question #164786

What is the mass in grams of CuO that would be required to produce 41.50 moles of nitrogen gas in the following chemical reaction?

2 NH₃(g) + 3 CuO(s) → 3 Cu(s) + N₂(g) + 3 H₂O(g)

Expert's answer

"2 NH\u2083(g) + 3 CuO(s) \u2192 3 Cu(s) + N\u2082(g) + 3 H\u2082O(g)"

From the above balanced chemical equation....

To produce,

1 mole of N2 gas 3 moles of CuO is needed

41.50 mole of N2 gas (41.50×3) moles of CuO is needed

= 124.5 mole of CuO needed

Molar mass of CuO = 79 g/mol

Mass of 124.5 mole of CuO = 9835.5 g CuO

Hence, to produce 41.50 moles of nitrogen gas according to the above reaction 9835.5 g CuO is needed.

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