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Question #61636
6 The largest class of the phylum mollusca is the class pelecypoda cephalopoda polychaeta gastropoda 7 Snail belongs to the class pelecypoda cephalopoda gastropoda polychaeta 8 Volvox is a ------- algae colonial unicellular filamentous heterotrichus 9 The red algae are ---------- in form colonial filamentous heterotrichus polysiphonoid 10 A widely distributed genus of the Pteridophyte is Cycad pteris spirogyra euglena 11 Which of these is not classfied as a platyhelminthes? turbellaria trematodes coelenterates cestodes 12 Which of these is mostly free living and aquatic? trematoda cestoda tapeworms turbellaria 13 Liver fluke is an example of the phylum-------- coelenterata arthropoda protozoa platyhelminthes
Expert's answer
6. gastropoda
7. gastropoda
8. colonial
9. polysiphonoid
10. pteris
11. coelenterates
12. turbellaria
13. platyhelminthes

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