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Question #59400
What are the evolutionary significances of mimicry?
Expert's answer
Mimicry gives evolutional advantage either to mimic (Batesian mimicry) or to both mimic and model (Müllerian mimicry). In case of Batesian type, it happens due to increase of survival level of mimic (predator confuses eatable species with inedible ones, if first ones copy features of second ones). In case of Müllerian mimicry, both mimic and model gain advantage in survival (two different unedible species copy each other, and pradator more effectively recognizes them and faster memorizes that they are unedible). It contributes to the survival of species and the preservation of the gene pool. Mimics evolved due to accumulation of mutations through the generations, which made them more similar to the model. Mimicry may also promote reproduction of mimic, when it copies appearance of female model and attracts male models (for example, some flowers copy form and color of female butterflies, so male ones try to pair with them, thus spread pollen and perform pollination).

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23.04.16, 14:21

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Sanjukta Ghosh
23.04.16, 13:05

To the expert
I have a question regarding a diagram of allopatric speciation.Can I post a link carrying the illustration?

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