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Question #92515
Glucose is the major energy yielding nutrient for most cells. Assuming a cellular concentration of 1 mM, calculate how many molecules of glucose would be present in our hypothetical (& spherical) eukaryotic cell of size 50 micrometer.
Expert's answer

As hypothetical cell is spherical we can apply equation for the volume of sphere:

"V=\\frac{1}{6}\\pi d^3"

where d is diameter (size) of the cell.

Concentration of glucose in the cell is "c=\\frac{n}{V}"

where n is the amount of glucose in moles and V is the volume of cell.

Number of molecules is linked to the number of moles via Avogadro's number:


Combining together all three equations, we can find number of glucose molecules in the cell:

"N=nN_A=cVN_A=\\frac{1}{6}c\\pi d^3N_A=\\frac{1}{6}\\cdot 1\\times 10^{-3}\\frac{mol}{L} \\cdot 3.14 \\cdot (5 \\times 10^{-4}dm)^3 \\cdot 6.02 \\times 10^{23}mol^{-1}=3.9\\times10^{10}"

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