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The Fourth Company Law Directive requires companies to include where appropriate
information (key performance indicators – KPIs) relating to environmental and
employee matters in their annual report to the extent necessary for an understanding of
the company’s development, performance and position.
Based on the above statement, critically discuss and evaluate how the inclusion of the
environmental and employee information will be relevant to the current conceptual and
regulatory framework.
I need help on these please. It's on the Cold War :)
1.An international organization intended to protect the members against aggression-based out of New York.
2.Allies defensive military alliance.
3.Its goal was to establish a society of peasants and workers in which all were equal.
4.Chinese Communist party founder and premier.
5.Brutal communist government in Cambodia.
6.Leader of South Vietnam.
7.The dropping of supplies into West Berlin.
8.Led the UN's international force in Korea to stop the communist invasion.
9.The Allies agreed to divide Germany into zones at this conference.
10.Nixon's plan to gradually pull US troops out of Vietnam.
11.In an assault in 1950 and 1951,China took control of this nation.
12.North Korea Communist dictator following the Korean War cease-fire.
13.Westerners called Taiwan this.
14.First American in space.
Im having a hard time thinking of a example. This is due this sunday. Im not sure what section this belongs in. This is what I need to answer: 7. Fear-arousing messages can be persuasive. Discuss the circumstances that lead fear-arousing messages to be persuasive and give an example of a fear-arousing message. This is what I have so far How persuasive the message is may depend on what kind of attitude the person has (Aronson, Wilson & Akert, 2013,p.193). If the attitude is the foundation of mood and social identity it may be more appealing (Aronson, Wilson & Akert, 2013,p.193) for example.
Examine the 8 Essential Components of Communication from the textbook:

Source, Message, Channel, Receiver, Feedback, Environment, Context, Interference

Define each in your own words briefly by paraphrasing, not quoting what is in the textbook.

Discuss and debate on what would occur if one of these elements was taken out of the process of communication. Highlight the missing element and discuss what its loss would mean to the process.

Your post should be no less than 250 words. At the end of your post, please indicate the word count. If you are using references, please use the proper citation rules.

You are expected to make a minimum of 3 responses to your fellow student's posts.

An ongoing conversation is highly encouraged in this forum.
For each place choose visitor and say why the place would be good for them.
Write in not more than 500 words the use of humor in the story 'Three Men in a Boat'.
This actually comes under the subject English and under the category writing but sadly I couldn't find this in the list so I chose management....please do the needful to get my question answered.
My deadline is tomorrow by 10.00 am
the text discusses the walk among the Sempervirens redwoods and says how “the light colored as though the great glass of the Cathedral at Chartres had strained and sanctified the sunlight.” What strategy is he using here? What does it reveal about the writer’s feelings about what happened to this area?
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