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QUESTION:The Department of Immigration has a little problem and they have tasked you with solving it. They have a text file that has a list of citizens and their Omang numbers. The problem is that they do not know which names are male and which ones are female. To find out they have to look at each name separately. Since there are a lot of names in the file, they have decided to ask you to write a program that will read the name of the file from the keyboard and separate males from females. Males should be written into a file called males.txt and females should be written into a file called females.txt. There is also a chance that the Omang numbers in the file could be invalid, so you should write all the invalid entries to invalid.txt. The name of the original file should read from the keyboard.
The output file should be in such that each entry is in a single line. Each line contains surname, name (including middle names) and Omang number separated by space. HINTS
1. When reading and writing to a file, the input file should be in the same location with your program, e.g. the .txt file should be saved in the same location/ folder where the program appears, otherwise the compile won’t see the input file.
2. The length of the file is not fixed, so your program should be able to read any file of any length.
3. To determine which entry is a male or female from the input file, if the fifth digit of the ID is 1, then the person is male, if its 2 then it’s a female.
a. ID is not equal to 9 digits
b. ID has other characters that are not numbers
c. The fifth digit of the ID is not either 1 or 2.
5. A test file is provided in blackboard, so u can use it to test your programs. Note that a longer test file can be used, so don’t fix the length of your file to the one provided on blackboard

. If you dissolve 25.5 g KBr in enough water to make 1.75 L of solution, what is the molarity of the solution?

Given that the maximum force your forehead can take is about 6000N, while the maximum
force your cheekbone can take is 1300N. If a 0.14 kg solid ball strikes any part of your head at
39 m/s and stops in 1.2 × 10−3 s, which of the following is correct:
a) Only your forehead will be in danger of fraction.
b) Nor your forehead neither your cheekbone will be in danger of fraction
c) Only your cheekbone will be in danger of fraction.
d) Both your forehead and your cheekbone will be in danger of fraction
e) I cannot decide because the mass of the head is not known
how taylors series is obtained on the basis of ROC?
JAVA Programming - gameSystem

JTabbed Panes for GUI Components Part 2: --- Create a JFrame program with a JTabbed pane on it with two panels that mimics a control box for a game system.

On the first panel, have 3 radio buttons for difficulty settings “Regular”, “Expert”, and “Master” and checkboxes for “Cut Scene Subtitles” and “In Game Help”.
Include an “Apply” button which tells the user in a JOptionPane what the difficulty setting is and if cutscenes and in game help are now on or off

On the second panel, have controls to order a pizza (it’s another app on this users game system.) Include radio buttons for 3 sizes (small $6, medium $10, and large $12), a textbox for the user to type in toppings (free to online orders…to make this program simpler), and a checkbox for a 10% off coupon. Have an “Order” button that gives a JOptionPane that confirms the order for the user by telling the pizza it ordered and the price.

(PizzaOrder code program supplied if needed)
In Progress...
The genome of virus SV40 is a circular double‐stranded DNA molecule 5 kb long 
(i.e., it contains 10,000 bases)

A 1 kb region is amplified by PCR for four cycles. (Assume that specific 
amplification of the target region occurs.) What fraction of the total DNA 
does the target sequence constitute?
The genome of virus SV40 is a circular double‐stranded DNA molecule 5 kb long 
(i.e., it contains 10,000 bases)

After many generations of growth in medium containing 
14N, the medium was replaced with new medium containing 
15N. After five generations, what is the ratio of light:heavy DNA strands? 
The genome of virus SV40 is a circular double‐stranded DNA molecule 5 kb long 
(i.e., it contains 10,000 bases

If the number of thymine in the SV40 genome is 1830, what is the percentage 
of cytosine in the genome?
M1X and M2X are the salts of a weak base and strong acid. Kh values for them are 10–7 and 10–4 respectively. Kb for M3OH is 10–4 . The decreasing order of base strength would be :
(1) M2OH, M1OH, M3OH
(2) M1OH, M3OH, M2OH
(3) M3OH, M1OH, M2OH
(4) M1OH, M2OH, M3OH
identify the sum of the given sequence
a -2000 b -1 c 1000 d -1600
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