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Answer on C# Question for Raghav Menon

Question #38541

AutoZig Enterprise is a manufacturing unit that manufactures automobile parts. This company was established in 1980 and since then, the staff of AutoZig Enterprise is keeping the records of manufactured parts manually. Now, the management of AutoZig Enterprise realizes that maintaining the records manually is slow and leads to a large number of errors.

After extensive research, the management of AutoZig Enterprise decides that an application is required to automate the task of maintaining the records of manufactured parts. AutoZig Enterprise contacts WebSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which is a software development company, to develop the application. WebSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. decides to create the application using C#.
The team of programmers at WebSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. conducts an interview with the staff of AutoZig Enterprise to find out their requirements. They find the following requirements:
• The application should allow the supervisors to add or modify records in the database stored in a file.
• The application should be able to display the number of manufacturing parts kept in a particular unit if a user enters the unit and the shelf number.
• The application should provide search functionality, where a user can enter the name of a manufactured part and can view the search results.
• Employees should be able to view the part details within their own division only.
• The application should be able to create invoices for customers. The system should accept the preferred choice of customers and display them.
• According to the marketing head of AutoZig Enterprise, the application should have an inbuilt attendance logging functionality. Employees should be able to mark their attendance after they log in to the application using their login credentials.
After the requirements analysis, developers at WebSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. decide that C# features, such as encapsulation and abstraction, must be used in the application for automating the task of keeping records of manufactured parts.


AutoZig Enterprise realized that if their own technical division was trained in object oriented programming skills, they would not need to outsource the work to WebSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It was quite expensive for a small scale company like AutoZig Enterprise to outsource the application development. It conducted an in-house C# quiz to test the knowledge of its employees.
Answer the following questions that were asked in the quiz:
1. Explain any three features that must be implemented by the application that will be created by WebSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Support your answer with suitable examples. Relate the features with the real life scenarios.[6 Marks]
2. Explain the terms Encapsulation and Abstraction.[4 Marks]

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