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auto generate the pojo class with annotations when we get data from tables using Mysql..
Write code to declare a two dimensional array that stores doubles.
2. Make a copy of the program you wrote in the previous question. Save the
copy as Lab4q2.java and modify this progam to process any files that have
been listed on the command line as shown below. Notice in this example 3
input files were given on the command line, being TextBooks.dat,
Numbers.inp and Nursery.txt. The files TextBooks.dat and Nursery.txt
could be found and processed, whereas Numbers.inp could not. Your
program needs to handle as many files as listed on the command line, from 0
files onwards.
3. Write a program to create a file Unicode.dat which contains rows of unicode
characters with their code number equivalent, starting at 27 and finishing with
125. If the program runs successfully, the only message your program prints on
screen is “Output file has been created: Unicode.dat’ but opening the file
shows the output below.
write a program that reads in a set of positive integers and outputs how many times a particular number appears in the list. you may assume that the data set has at most 100 numbers and -999 marks the end of the input data. the numbers must be output in increasing order.
How do I add an object to an array at the specified index?
Where global variables and static members goes in memory?
Why List allows duplicates while Set not?
https://www.dropbox.com/s/l0hanjb333swd1b/java instructions.docx?dl=0
the link to the instructions of my assignment. please help! ive tried so many times and i cant seem to get it right!
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