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I am facing 3 errors in the program Main.java that you had send and also i am getting exceptions.

1.//Add passengers to list
Passengers.add(new Passenger(age,gender));
2.//display final amount of ticket
in println there is an error
3.File Passenger.java
Can you please rectify the errors sir.

1.What is a framework?
2.What is singleton class?
Take input for boarding place,arriving place and date
Date validation for 120 days(if date is more than 120 days you are not able to book the ticket).if days are less than 120 days then ask for the count of passengers
Take passengers age and gender
If age is less than 13 you have to pay half of the price of the ticket.And if age is greater than 59 you have to pay 60% of the ticket price
Then display final amount of the ticket,date,passengers(male,female and child count with age),ticket booking confirmation message
MaryTTS is an open-source, Text-to-Speech Synthesis platform written in Java:

I try to implement an example from GitHub (3 line codes, please check as follows).
Title: Simple text-to-speech with default settings:

I installed Mary TTS on my Windows:

I started the Mary TTS server and the Mary TTS client, and I did some trials with text to audio conversion (its great).

I hope I'm not bothering you with too much of a newbie questions.
I've spent a few hours over the last three weeks on this issue but with no success.

Just to get started.. I can't realize how to implement this example.
i.e. what in general are the required steps.

How to make the example code to work?

Thanks again for the help request.
Explain me about cookies and how it is used to get the previous log-in time without changing the value on pressing refresh button.
auto generate the pojo class with annotations when we get data from tables using Mysql..
Write code to declare a two dimensional array that stores doubles.
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Nancy on March 2014
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